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          1. 光影戲碼——聯電國際辦公集合展廳設計 返回>>

            2022-04-24 13:50:44
            "Architecture is a play of shapes in light that are correct, superb, and yet magical." -Le Corbusier
            The Church of Longchamps in eastern France is a masterpiece of his use of light, where the interior of the building is made sacred and ethereal by the interplay of light and dark.

            The new LD International co-working collection showroom design by AFFD led by Zhiqiang Gao is a perfect illustration of the sublimation of the use of light to his groundbreaking concept of 'space emotion'.
            Unlike traditional and monotonous displays of intelligent products, LD International 's design uses light to delicately guide a dynamic and sensual line of movement, allowing you to have a romantic and long-lasting experience, fully experiencing the beauty of the products in the full mood of the space.

            Gao is an idealist of modernist style.
            In the design of the LD International l co-working collection showroom, he perfectly implemented Le Corbusier's concept that "truly great architecture is architecture in the pursuit of modern efficiency", making the best use of every inch of space. The optimal use of space, the integration of office and exhibition areas into one space, and the use of light as a design element, are the three levels of 'luxury' design vision desired by Gao.

            "Time bifurcates forever, leading to an infinite future". As Borges' "The Garden of Forking Paths " says, Gao hopes to use the division of the dynamic line at the entrance to introduce you to an infinite and unknown field of imagination, and at the same time complete a reasonable diversion between the office area and the exhibition area.
            Stepping into LD International, after weighing up the practicality and experience, Gao unconventionally removed the welcome reception desk and applied OUKE's special spherical light fixtures, echoing LD International 's brand wall, with a sparkling effect that wonderfully transforms the otherwise poorly lit entrance into a sexy and subtle zone.

            01/ River of Light and Shadows
            "There is a mystery you cannot master, you can only play the role of a spectator", but people are always full of the desire to explore the unknown, and Gao has purposely designed the Yongnuo product showcase as a "capsule console", giving a boundless and open imagination outside the limited space.

            The backside of the "console" has a folding pattern, which makes it possible for the light and shade to change more clearly when different levels of light hit it, and together with the mirrored steel plates on the top, allows the light to jump and refract in various ways in this space.
            Instead of a stagnant flat display, the semi-dimensional booth with a circular band is not only aesthetically pleasing and innovative, but also allows ample standing space for multiple clients at the same time. In addition, Gao has set up a 'colour ring' for the stand in tribute to Le Corbusier's 'keyboard of architectural colours'.
            Through the space itself to enhance the brand display experience, and through the design to find the best solution for the use of budget, Gao cleverly nested various smart products with different attributes and characteristics of the space to achieve a seamless functional docking.

            The southern window, carefully pre-embedded with six three-panel Hunter Douglas multi-purpose window trims, allows for an elegant and unobtrusive display of smart windows, and the entry of a large amount of light enhances the sense of depth and hierarchy in the display area.
            In order to emphasise the formal texture and colour rhythm of the window treatments themselves, the design around the windows is minimised to highlight the curtains themselves. The three-tier parallel track set-up allows for the "unpredictability" of light under the control of the curtains, allowing for a mysterious and beautiful light show at any time. The fully glazed partition between the meeting room and the showroom also allows for the full use of direct natural light, and if privacy is required, invisible curtains can be dropped from the ceiling at any time.
            The meeting room has been customised with a display panel made from a combination of curtain fabrics. Like a contemporary artwork, the vibrant colours break through the serious atmosphere of the meeting and inspire creativity and inspiration.
            All the luminaires in the display area are from the German lighting brand OUKO. OUKO's systematic approach to light follows the laws of light and is designed for a variety of applications, allowing different levels of illumination to be used to outline spaces and objects. The luminaires have been carefully selected to match the form and use of each space and to showcase the latest technology of OUKO products in the most comprehensive way.

            As I.M. Pei said, "Let the light do the designing". Gao also insists that light is a design element in itself, the fourth dimension of architecture.
            The abundant light from the central showroom is brought into the different spaces by him in various ways: through the light-transmitting vertical grain glass directed onto the curved walls of the corridor, which together with the lighting creates a gentle watery shade of light; motorised curtains in the form of screens set up at the entrance to the home display area direct the light and bring it into the bedrooms, creating variations in the light and darkness of natural light.
            02/ The Rhythm of Shadows
            In the Sunshine Cinema, light acts in different gestures with the curtains on the watery walls, reacting differently to their rich textural variations.

            Beyond the central exhibition hall are the 'Sunshine Theatre' and the 'Five Elements Conditioning Music Room', both created by Gao. Under the natural light and lighting, the soft textured particles create a tranquil atmosphere. The 30 square metre space on the right has been customised with a 7.2.4 panoramic audio-visual room, the ripples of the acoustic panels providing the ultimate in visual relaxation and comfort.

            The room on the left shows the sound pressure healing system developed by LD International in collaboration with Guang'anmen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gao's Space Emotional Design, which uses the traditional "five tones" to heal the body and mind by using sound pressure to correspond to the body's meridian frequencies. In the small, windowless bathroom, Gao uses luminous soft film to simulate daylight and mirrors on one side of the wall to extend the space, allowing for a wonderful use of light in a limited space.
            03 斑斕通感
            03 /Glistening synesthesia
            The romantic and sophisticated through-sensory experience is equally infectious in the office area.
            Light has a temperature, temperature has a note, and the interplay of the senses is coherent and permeable.

            Above the co-working area, Gao uses low-cost single light tubes to arrange the shape of a double helix gene, creating a fantastical 'biological chain' in the air. In his design, he arranges, combines and rotates the most common materials to give them a different look.
            The white colour scheme of the office area, together with the dark blue gradient of the walls and doors and the grey-blue bare ceiling, reflects the simplicity and technology of the modern office space.

            Faced with the dark blue gradient lockers, one's mind seems to float to the deep star river, with the burst of infinite possibilities of imagination.
            In the office area of LD International , the long desk runs from north to south and can accommodate 34 employees, while the top and bottom lockers on both sides provide ample storage space.

            The shareholders' offices are arranged on the eastern side of the office area and have been created into three individual offices according to their personalities, preferences and functional needs.

            Gao has always believed in the sacred individuality of each intimate space, endowed with its own unique qualities and attributes in its interactive relationship with people.
            The vertical glass partitions in the shareholders' offices allow light from the room windows to filter through to the open office areas, where it meets and blends with the existing direct light to create a magical light and shadow effect.
            In the details of the design, Gao shows a strong sense of humanism. As the building's central air-conditioning system is switched off at regular intervals, Gao has also installed a constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning system for the showroom to ensure that customers can always enjoy the right temperature and humidity when visiting the showroom on weekends.

            Gao wants everyone to enjoy a top-notch 'comfort' at work. In every detail, it is evident that while pursuing modern office efficiency, Gao has not forgotten to infuse the emotions of the space with a human touch.
            Plan for the project

            項目設計|AFFD設計事務所 www.affd.net
            家具、建材品牌|克拉斯家居CLASSIC LIVING(Cassina、MOROSO等)、北陽綠建(輻射舒適空調系統)、君珩毯業、赫鎂貿易(Herman Miller)、新和寶家具(Interstuhl)
            項目攝影|Boris Shiu
            空間造型|Sense Studio
            項目策劃|Rebecca Li

            Project information
            Project name| LD International Co-working Collection Showroom Design
            Project location| Beijing
            Project area|900 square meters
            Project design |AFFD design office   www.affd.com net
            Design director |Gao Zhiqiang
            Participated in the design |Chen Hao, Chen Deli
            Completion time| November 2021
            Main materials | Gradient baking paint, Woven carpet, Mirror stainless steel, Changhong vertical grain glass, Malay paint
            Furniture and building materials brands | CLASSIC LIVING (Cassina, moroso, etc.), Beiyang Lvjian (radiant comfort air conditioning system), Junheng carpet industry, Herman Miller, Interstuhl 
            Project photography | Boris Shiu
            Space modeling | Sense studio
            Project Planning |Rebecca Li

            About the designer
            Gao Zhiqiang, architect, interior space emotional intervention design researcher, founder of Applied Aesthetics of emotional design, contemporary art appreciation and investment expert, senior planner of exquisite lifestyle and President of National Design Institute.
            Mr. Gao graduated from the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University and went to Europe for further study. He studied under Mario Bellini, an Italian national treasure architect. He has studied and lived in Europe for many years, and has a deep understanding of European culture and humanistic lifestyle. His observation of exquisite life and unique aesthetic practice experience make him known as the fashion gentleman in the architectural design circle. With his humorous communication character, he can deeply grasp the design demands of consumers and accurately express the design effect through exquisite design skills.
            Mr. Gao Zhiqiang put forward the "space emotional design theory" in combination with many years of design practice of architecture and space environment, and jointly carried out interdisciplinary research with psychology, anthropology and economics scholars, and established the discipline system and design application system of "Applied Aesthetics of emotional design", which filled the theoretical gap of architecture and space environment design in China. At present, he is committed to the design and application of "spatial emotional design" in vacation space, commercial space, office space and residential space. Its design works are simple and elegant, with positive effect of emotional experience.
            2021年AFFD設計事務所榮獲2021 ITALY IIDA AWARD|TOP10國際影響力設計機構
            Founded in Beijing, China by the class-level indoor architect Steve Gao, AFFD Design is a design management company integrating planning and architectural design, ecological landscape design, human interior design, and soft decoration design. Born out of the China Architecture Design Group Zhubang Design Institute, it is composed of architects and engineers with rich practical experience and international perspective. AFFD Design Firm is committed to finding breakthroughs and inspirations in the complex and redundant state of the city, providing design solutions that combine the spirit of the times with the modern oriental temperament, and achieves excellent results in the fields of residences, industrial offices, commercial design, and recreation real estate.
            Representative cases include Baidu International Building, CCB Research Institute, Tongrentang, and Kangyang Experience Center, QIONGYOU Network Office, Wang Xiaofei Private Residence, Zhanglan Private Residence and so on. AFFD Design Firm adheres to the concept of design creation value, creates a beautiful lifestyle for customers, builds a design quality living experience and media space, and is committed to providing customers with rigorous professional, modern and efficient all-around system services to achieve social responsibility.